Ethical Corporate Behaviour


To ensure continued adherence to rules and regulations through the highest standards of governance and best practices by employing stringent corporate compliance and internal audit practices
Investment Community
Tenant Community

Initiatives and Rationale

  • Strengthened governance disclosures in 2018 and 2019 annual reports
  • Published additional information on website:
    – Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
    – IR Policy
    – AGM/EGM minutes
  • Encouraged Unitholders to email questions prior to AGM

Performance in 2019

No incidents of non-compliance with laws and regulations resulting in fines or sanctions
No incidents of corruption
Remained on SGX Fast Track, as recognition of high standards of corporate governance and maintenance of good compliance record
Runner Up -
Singapore Corporate
Governance Award
for REITs and Business Trusts
Ranked 6th out of 46 REITs and Business Trusts with a total score of 78.5
(2018: ranked 8th with score of 75.5)

Targets for 2020

Maintain zero incidents of non-compliance with relevant laws and regulations resulting in fines or sanctions
Maintain zero incidents of corruption
Strengthen disclosures through annual reports, sustainability reports and website