Human Capital


To attract and retain talent by cultivating a positive work environment that focuses on diversity, equal opportunities, training, health and wellness

Initiatives and Rationale

and Equal

  • Practised fair treatment in recruitment andprovided equal opportunities regardless of type, gender or age
  • Provided training on importance of diversity and inclusion

Health and

  • Subsidised health screening
  • Organised health talks and fitness classes
  • Encouraged regular movement by providing height adjustable desks
  • Provided free professional advice and counselling from external consultants

Training and

  • Organised writing workshop to strengthen staff’s communication skills
  • Subsidised relevant training to equip employees with skills needed to deliver high-quality work


  • Undertook half-yearly performance reviews to discuss each employee’s performance, achievements and career goals
  • Undertook annual employee engagement survey to understand employees’ job satisfaction, needs and concerns
  • Selected a different group of employees every quarter as Ambassadors of Change (AoC), to gather feedback from the rest of the team
  • Organised regular company cohesion activities such as Breakfast on the House (BOTH), employee appreciation luncheons and movie outings to promote interdepartmental communication and work-life balance

Performance in 2019

Average training hours
per employee of
35.2 hours
(+5.7% YoY)
in annual employee engagement
survey with significant increase
in engagement score

Targets for 2020

Continue to hire employees with diversified age, gender and type
Organise regular health talks or fitness classes for all employees
Maintain or increase average training hours per employee