Manulife US REIT - Sustainability Report 2017

Talent Retention The Manager is aligned to Manulife Group’s vision to be an employer of choice and believes that happy employees are likely to have higher levels of productivity. Retaining talent is essential in the maintenance of skills and intellectual capital, productivity levels and containing costs. The Manager strives to develop talent and ensure that all employees are exposed to career growth opportunities. Employee Well-being The Manager focuses on initiatives to promote work-life balance by investing in employee well-being as it is an important aspect of retaining valuable talent. A range of exercise activities and health screening programmes are offered to employees. Other initiatives included a weekly fruit day and a salad vending machine was made available to employees in the office building. Employees and their family members are also entitled to discounts on Manulife’s insurance policies. Effective team building encourages communication, team work and trust among employees. The Manager organises regular lunches and dinners not only to celebrate successes and festivals but also to facilitate communication within the team. The Manager also participated in “Eat With Your Family Day 2017”, an event held in May, to encourage employees to head home early to spend quality time and bond with their families. Employee engagement surveys are carried out every other year, and pulse surveys are conducted in the intervening periods to evaluate the Manager’s performance in this aspect. Engaging Communities Targets Tenant Community • 76.0% tenants completed the Tenant Satisfaction surveys • Overall score of 97.0% • Maintain or improve tenants’ participation • Maintain or improve survey scores Investment Community • Met with more than 1,000 investors • Maintain or increase number of engagement activities Local Community • S$13,900 raised in 2017 (S$10,700 raised in 2016) • 98 volunteer hours in 2017 (52 volunteer hours in 2016) • Increase amount raised • Increase volunteer hours Employees also brought joy to patients at St Luke’s Hospital where they worked together to make colourful and unique fridge magnets moulded out of clay. This activity was targeted at patients of over 40 years. Participants benefitted from the interaction, creativity of the activity, and exercising of motor skills, cognitive abilities and concentration. In addition, the Manager collaborated with The Art Faculty by Pathlight to commission an artwork of the REIT’s properties to be featured on its Chinese New Year (CNY) red packets. The Art Faculty by Pathlight is a platform that promotes and showcases the special talents of people with autism and related challenges. The Manager also contributed to global poverty alleviation programmes. Employees participated in Soles4Souls shoe drive hosted by Million Lighting Pte Ltd and donated 66 pairs of new or lightly worn footwear to the organisation. The donated footwear was distributed to those in need in developing nations by providing relief in times of a disaster. In FY2017, the Manager donated a total of S$13,900 in terms of cash plus gifts to voluntary welfare organisations in Singapore. FY2017 Performance and Targets CNY Red Packets - In collaboration with The Art Faculty by Pathlight 61 Annual Report 2017