Manulife US REIT - Sustainability Report 2017

FY2017 Performance and Target Employee Diversity by Age Employee Diversity by Gender Employee Diversity by Type 15.4% 15.4% 69.2% 61.5% 53.8% 38.5% 46.2% 29 and Below 30 - 49 50 and Above Female Male Executive Non-executive Diversity Target Age • 29 and below: 15.4% • 30 to 49: 69.2% • 50 and above: 15.4% • Continue to hire employees with diversified age, gender and type Gender • Female: 61.5% • Male: 38.5% Type • Executive: 46.2% • Non-executive: 53.8% Diversity and Equal Opportunity Diversity ensures a healthy mix of opinions, ideas, knowledge and skills in the workplace. The Manulife Group and the Manager encourage a diversified workplace. The Sponsor has implemented a number of initiatives to demonstrate its commitment in providing a diversified workplace and equal opportunities to all employees. This in turn motivates and increases the employees’ productivity and loyalty. In 2017, the Global Women’s Alliance (GWA) at Manulife launched “Humans of Manulife” to showcase the diverse background of employees within the organisation. GWA also organised events throughout the year to educate, inspire and support fellow colleagues. Stories and journeys of individuals are showcased monthly to encourage and motivate employees to excel in their current role. The Manager aligns with the Manulife Group’s Diversity and Equal Opportunities Policies and the Manager reports its diversity statistics to its Board on a regular basis. These policies are stated in the employee handbook. The Manager’s employees are assessed and their remuneration packages are based on their performance. The Manager does not tolerate any form of discrimination in the workplace. Furthermore, equal employment opportunities are offered to individuals across different ages, genders and ethnic groups. As at 31 December 2017, the Manager had 13 full-time and contract employees with tertiary qualifications and above. The team embraced several generational bands, with ages in all five decades from 20 to 60 years old. There is a healthy gender balance of employees from three ethnicities (Chinese, Asian and Caucasian) with 61.5% females and 38.5% males. The team is made up of 46.2% executives and 53.8% non- executives. 25 63 Annual Report 2017