Manulife US REIT - Sustainability Report 2017

Stakeholder Inclusiveness Engaging stakeholders is imperative for the success of the performance of the REIT as well as the sustainability performance. See p.59 for details. Sustainability Context As a Singapore REIT with properties in the U.S., sustainability context is international. Sustainability issues are tracked through community engagement and the REIT is involved in global movements and benchmarking such as GRESB. Materiality Identifying what is material in terms of sustainability is necessary for a targeted and strategic sustainability approach. See p.54 for details. Completeness Relevant business activities are described in this report. See more on the report boundary on p.54. Balance This report bears the concept of balance and has been kept in mind to ensure transparency and fairness. Comparability The use of GRI Standards enables some level of standardisation in the report, allowing comparability versus peers. Accuracy and Reliablility Various levels of checking of information and processes are put in place to ensure accuracy and reliability of information. Timeliness Sustainability performance is in line with annual financial reporting. Clarity Considerable thought has been given to the structure, layout and phrasing of the report. Materiality Materiality Assessment In May 2017, the Manager, in accordance with the GRI Materiality Principle, carried out a materiality assessment in conjunction with an external consultant. The first part of the assessment identified various ESG factors that might be material through evaluating the business in the wider sustainability context as well as within the real estate and REIT industry. The next step was to prioritise the potential material factors, and this was conducted via a workshop with the SSC members. The material ESG factors were then submitted to and approved by the Board. The Manager interacts on a regular basis with a variety of communities, including stakeholders, Unitholders, tenants and local communities. These are integrated into the materiality assessment to determine how the Manager can improve its engagements with these groups. More details can be found in page 59 under “Engaging Communities”. The GRI’s Reporting Principles were adopted in this materiality assessment and throughout the development of this report. SustainAbility Report 54 Manulife US REIT