Manulife US REIT - Sustainability Report 2018

Tenant Community Engaging the tenant community is important for several reasons. The first is for us to obtain feedback on our property management in order to serve our tenants better, the second is to encourage sustainable property practices amongst our tenants and the third is to share new programmes with them. Our engagements include community events such as: ‘immunisation programme’ and ‘blood donation drive’. Tenant Survey Here at MUST, we value tenants’ feedback greatly. The Property Manager engages Kingsley Associates to conduct Events • AGMs • EGMs • Conferences/Seminars • U.S. Thought Leadership Programmes • Investor Days • Social Events Meetings • Results Briefings with Audio webcast/Luncheons • Conference Calls • Local and Overseas Roadshows • Media Interviews Publications • Annual and Sustainability Reports • SGX Announcements • Investor Presentations • Press Releases • Investor Packs • Factsheets • Newspaper Advertisements • Circulars Website • Dedicated Customer Service Hotline for General Inquiries • Dedicated Investor Relations Contact • Property Videos on Website for Investor Education • Archived Audio webcasts • Email Alerts of MUST’s Announcements/News Key Engagement Initiatives Engaging Communities Engaging different communities is important for MUST’s success. These communities include the investment, tenant and local community. This year, we maintained tenant participation in our tenant satisfaction survey at 74%, more than doubled the number of investors we met with, increased the amount raised for charity by 43.9% and increased volunteer hours by MUST’s employees by 82.1%. Investment Community In 2018, we increased our outreach and engagement to wider groups of investment community. Our investment community comprises of institutional and retail investors, analysts, media and financial bloggers. We engaged our investors on a number of platforms in order to share information about MUST as well as garner feedback on investment needs and demands. Knowledge about these needs and demands can provide insight into how MUST can develop and adjust to trends, increasing its future resilience. For the first time, MUST held a 3-Day U.S. Thought Leadership Programme in 2018 and invited Manulife’s Global Chief Economist to deliver views on key issues such as USD, the impact of rising interest rates on U.S. growth and the flow-through effect on Asia’s equity and bond markets, and the implications of the ongoing U.S.-China trade war on Asia and Singapore. tenant satisfaction surveys in alternate years at all MUST’s properties to better understand and serve its tenants. The survey gathered information on tenants’ overall satisfaction, perception of property, satisfaction with management, leasing and maintenance, renewal intentions and likelihood of property recommendations. In 2018, we received responses from just under 74% of requested tenants in the portfolio. The survey was broken into four sub-groups where tenant satisfaction was measured. These sub-groups were then aggregated into an overall satisfaction level. Tenants ranked each category on a 1 to 5-star scale, from poor to excellent, respectively. When asked whether a tenant would recommend their respective property to a potential tenant, roughly 86% of respondents provided Sustainability Report 2018 68 STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT