Manulife US REIT - Sustainability Report 2018

ItsRainingRaincoats Lantern making session at St Luke’s Hospital FY2018 Performance FY2019 Targets Investment Community • Met with more than 2,000 investors (FY2017: 1,000 Investors) • Maintain or increase engagement activities Tenant Community • 74% 1 tenants completed the tenant satisfactions surveys (FY2016: 76% 2 ) • 96% of respondents rated us at 4 or above for building quality on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best (FY2016: 96%) • Maintain or increase tenants’ participation • Maintain or improve survey scores Local Community • Amount raised increased by 43.9% to S$20,000 (FY2017: S$13,900) • Volunteer hours increased by 82.1% to 178.5 hours (FY2017: 98 hours) • Maintain or increase amount raised • Maintain or increase volunteer hours FY2018 Performance and FY2019 Targets Month Activities Beneficiary April Donated more than 50 pairs of pre-loved and new shoes. Soles4Souls June Donated approximately 60kg of pre-loved and new clothes. Proceeds from the clothes soldat SCWO’s New2U Thrift shop went towards the Star Shelter and various SCWO initiatives. Singapore Council of Wo m e n ’ s Organisation (SCWO) December Purchased staples such as rice, noodles andmilkpowder as part of Manulife annual GWA Star Charity Pledge a Grocery ItemwhereManulife will match every dollar of grocery value pledged. SCWO Additional activities in 2018: In December 2018, the Manager aimed to go beyond volunteer hours and donations by creating employment for social enterprises. These included TeddyThotz, a social enterprise in retail which employs the vulnerable in the community. They were commissioned to design and create MUST’s corporate gifts. The Manager also commissioned ‘Friends of the Disabled Society’ under its Skills & Entrepreneurship Programme, to design MUST’s Chinese New Year red packets for 2019. ‘Friends of the Disabled Society’ caters to the emotional, social and physical needs of the disabled through its various programmes. Under this programme, the disabled are trained in craft skills, such as drawing & painting, to be self-sufficient with the opportunity to earn additional income. Beyond Volunteering 1 Data is based on 5 properties: Figueroa, Michelson, Peachtree, Exchange and Phipps. 2 Data is based on 3 properties: Figueroa, Michelson and Peachtree. Sustainability Report 2018 70 STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT