Manulife US REIT - Sustainability Report 2018

Talent Retention It is not a surprise that hiring talented people for the job is essential for the success of a business. At the Manager, our high standards demand a certain type of employee who identifies with Manulife’s values and is able to take MUST to new levels of success. Employee turnover can impact the productivity of a team, especially in smaller teams such as ours. Thus, we work hard to maintain a working environment that attracts and retains talent. We provide flexible work arrangements where practicable to accommodate challenges in our employees’ personal lives. For purposes of transparency, our employee handbook contains details of employee benefits as well as what is expected of them in terms of professionalism, behaviour and decorum. In order to measure employee satisfaction, we conduct yearly Employee Engagement Survey. Health and Wellness Programmes We aim to improve our staff health and wellness, and in 2018 we initiated several programmes to enhance this. In April 2018 we engaged the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH) to provide massages for employees in MUST’s office. SAVH is the national voluntary welfare organisation for the visually impaired. The massage not only promotes relaxation for staff and also creates employment for the professionally trained masseurs in SAVH. As part of our efforts to encourage healthy eating habits by adopting a balanced diet, we invited a nutritionist to conduct a health talk on ‘Eating for a Healthier You’ in November 2018. Employees are encouraged to develop healthy eating habits through a monthly ‘Fruits Day’. A range of exercise activities, health screening programmes and other health benefits were also offered to employees throughout the year. At any time, staff including their immediate family members, with personal issues, are able to receive professional advice from external consultants through phones, emails or face-to-face session. Employees and their family members are also entitled to discounts on Manulife’s insurance policies. Regular lunches were organised to foster bonding, greater communication within the team and to celebrate the success of MUST. The Manager also participated in the ‘Eat with your Family Day’ in May 2018 where staff are encouraged to leave work early to eat and bond with their families. Training, Education and Leadership Training and education to staff not only increases job satisfaction and retention, it also provides them with the required skills and tools. This ensures that they are equipped to deliver high-quality work for the business as well as contribute to their personal progression. The Manager offers a comprehensive suite of learning programmes and courses that cultivate various skills. As well as attending training suggested by their managers, employees are encouraged to take charge of their own learning. One of our senior executive attended a Executive Certificate in Real Estate Finance as part of her career development. This active role which the Manager undertakes in relation to its employees’ professional growth can also be seen in a specially- tailored course on communication skills for another senior executive. Manulife also supports the pursuit of external qualifications under the Education Support Scheme for eligible employees. Employees were also encouraged to upgrade their skills through technology by leveraging on Manulife’s web- based training platform. The training covers areas such as company and industry knowledge, information technology and compliance. The manager provides Work Life Coaching to employees which includes an annual performance and career review for all employees, during which learning and development needs are identified. Our senior management team is proactive in its participation of industry roundtables and conferences. In 2018, our Head of Investor Relations provided training on the Investor and Media Relations module at the REITAS 2-Day Professional Development Series: REIT Management. Other panel sessions and events in which our management took part this year included the IR Magazine Forum & Awards and the Bank of America Merrill Lynch ‘The Power of Global Connection’ conference held in December 2018. The Manager takes a holistic view in the training and development of its employees. During the year, the Manager provided first-aid Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training to our employees. The session provided hands-on learning and covered critical skills to enable them to respond to life threatening situations. As at end December 2018, about 58.8% of the staff are certified CPR and AED providers. In 2018, the average training hours per employee totalled 33.3 hours. This is an increase of 27.6% compared to 2017. MANULIFE US REIT 71 HUMAN CAPITAL