Manulife US REIT - Sustainability Report 2018

FY2018 Highlights Investments • Achieved a 5 Star ranking in GRESB – awarded to the top 20.0% • Improved GRESB ranking with a score of 85 in FY2018 from 76 in FY2017 Approach • Aligned sustainability efforts with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with additional SDGs in FY2018 Properties • Achieved LEED TM Gold for Exchange • GHG emission reduced by 7.2% YoY • GHG emission intensity reduced by 6.7% YoY Outreach • Doubled the number of investors met in FY2018 to 2,000 • Volunteer hours increased by 82.1% to 178.5 hours in FY2018 Employees • Increased staff strength from 13 to 17 through hiring across different ages and gender; low turnover with 2 resigned • Average training hours per employee increased by 27.6% to 33.3 hours in FY2018 Regulatory Governance • No incident of non-compliance with laws and regulations resulting in fines or sanctions • GIFT score improved from 69.0 in FY2017 to 75.5 in FY2018 • Recognised as SGX Fast Track entity Sustainability Report 2018 60 FY2018 SUSTAINABILITYHIGHLIGHTS