Manulife US REIT-Sustainability Report 2019

value. As at 31 December 2019, seven of nine properties in MUST’s portfolio are ENERGY STAR ® certified. Certification Property LEED™ Platinum Capitol LEED™ Gold Michelson, Exchange, Penn, Phipps ENERGY STAR ® Figueroa, Michelson, Peachtree, Plaza, Exchange, Phipps, Capitol Fixtures in our properties were replaced with energy- efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs that save up to 90.0% of energy as opposed to conventional lightbulbs with the same light intensity output. We have also installed waste diversion and recycling facilities in our properties The following initiatives are also aimed at promoting energy efficiency at our properties: • System retro-commissioning • Smart building technologies • Building automation system upgrades/replacements • High-efficiency equipment and appliances • Lighting upgrades • Earth Hour events Due to these initiatives, MUST’s portfolio recorded an energy intensity of 17.1 ekWh/sf for 2019, a 2.0% reduction from the previous year. Out of the five properties with comparable data for 2018, four recorded reduced energy intensity YoY. Water Water is a precious commodity that needs to be properly managed to ensure environmental sustainability in our business operations. To manage our water consumption, we have: • Installed low flow fixtures, which are plumbing fixtures that use significantly less water than conventional fixtures • Metered our water subsystems, which seeks to monitor and better manage water usage • Implemented the collection and reuse of greywater • Carried out improvements to cooling tower water management to allow circulatory water to be more efficiently treated • Implemented native landscaping, which provides important habitat for wildlife and dramatically reduces the environmental impacts associated with lawn care • Installed rain sensors for irrigation, which helps conserves water usage while maintaining the lawn As a result of these initiatives, MUST’s portfolio recorded a water intensity of 55.5 L/sf for 2019, a 2.4% reduction from the previous year. Out of the four properties with comparable data for 2018, three recorded reduced water intensity YoY. Emissions MUST recognises the significance of climate change and seeks to reduce the amount of emissions from all aspects of its business operations. To minimise our environmental footprint, we have launched/continued the following initiatives: • Made capital upgrades, piloted innovative technologies, adjusted operating practices and worked with tenants to reduce energy usage, the main driver of GHG emissions at our properties • Purchased energy from renewable sources • Installed electric vehicle charging stations, to promote the use of electric vehicles MUST’s portfolio recorded a GHG intensity of 5.8 kg CO 2 e/sf for 2019, an increase of 2.4% from the previous year. This is due to the electricity grid emissions intensity in the markets of the two properties acquired in 2018. The Property Manager will continue to monitor the emissions of these properties closely in 2020. Out of the five properties with comparable data for 2018, four recorded reduced GHG intensity YoY. Capitol, Sacramento 2019 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 75