Manulife US REIT-Sustainability Report 2019

Achieving Tangible Results For the 3 rd year running, in 2019, we participated in GRESB Real Estate Benchmark Assessment to identify the sustainability strengths and weaknesses of MUST’s portfolio. GRESB is an investor-led initiative that assesses the ESG performance of real estate companies and funds. We are delighted to record a stellar performance with a GRESB score of 93, a significant increase from the score of 85 for the previous year. This score is also significantly above the peer average of 72, ranking MUST 3 rd out of the 12 listed U.S. office REITs. Our key strengths identified in the 2019 GRESB Assessment include: • Comprehensive policies and disclosures • High building certification and rating coverage within the portfolio • 100.0% energy, water and GHG emission data coverage • Reduction in energy and water consumption and GHG emissions • Strong stakeholder engagement practices (e.g. tenant engagement, satisfaction survey) REDUCING OUR ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT THE MANAGER In 2019, we have reduced our environmental footprint through initiatives carried out in our Singapore office at Manulife Tower. This includes the installation of a centralised automated sensor system to prevent unnecessary wastage of energy. The system is linked to the lights and air conditioners, switching these appliances off automatically after 7 pm on weekdays and the entire day on weekends. Recycling facilities for paper, plastic and cans are located in the lobby of the office to cultivate environmentally friendly practices in the workplace. Our staff have proactively set up a recycling corner in the office to collect all recyclables for weekly drop off at the recycling facilities. Employees are also encouraged to print only when necessary, using the double-sided setting on Forest Stewardship Certified (FSC) paper. SUSTAINABLE PROPERTIES Capitol, Sacramento 76 MUST