Manulife US REIT-Sustainability Report 2019

One of MUST’s sustainability goals is to maximise value for our external stakeholders. We place utmost importance in maintaining an open and regular communication with them. By understanding their needs and interests, we were able to develop effective engagement initiatives specially tailored for each stakeholder group this year. Investment Community In 2019, we stepped up our efforts to engage different members of the investment community, including institutional and retail investors, analysts, media and financial bloggers. Our three main modes of engagement are: 1 Regulatory reporting and other communication materials Strengthening corporate disclosures to enhance transparency and accessibility of information 2 Engagement events Maintaining effective interaction and providing regular access to senior management 3 Green Dot Series – a thought leadership initiative Increasing awareness and understanding of U.S. economy and office real estate sector MUST is guided by SGX-ST regulatory requirements and its IR Policy in its engagement initiatives. We have engaged the investment community regularly via these initiatives in 2019: Regulatory Non-Regulatory • AGMs/EGMs • Annual reports • Sustainability reports • SGX announcements • Circulars • Corporate website • Results briefings with audio webcasts • Results luncheons • Roadshows/conferences/ seminars • Conference calls • Media interviews • Retail investor days • Green Dot Series initiatives • Social events • U.S. site visits • Investor presentations/press releases • Quarterly factsheets • Investor packs on tax forms • Newspaper advertisements • Website initiatives: º General hotline º Dedicated IR contact º Property videos º Archived audio webcasts º Email alerts º Investor FAQ º IR policy INVESTOR DAY 2019 Investor Day 2019 was organised to engage retail investors and provide a platform for interaction between Unitholders and the management team. Apart from presenting on MUST’s financial performance, panel discussions were organised to raise the local investors’ understanding of the equity market, offshore REITs and U.S. tax. Q&A was conducted via pigeonhole for the 1 st time to encourage interaction and was well-received with high participation rate from the Unitholders. The conference style event was attended by 450 retail investors, a 24.7% increase from the previous retail investor day in 2017. Unitholders appreciated the sharing of insights from the panel speakers as it provided them with fresh perspectives on relevant issues. Through a post-event survey, more than 93.0% of Unitholders rated MUST’s presentation and panel discussions as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’ and more than 84.6% of the respondents indicated that they would be interested to participate in similar events. With the encouraging responses from this event, MUST will continue to increase its thought leadership efforts to reach out to different groups of the investment community under its Green Dot Series programme, to enhance the community’s understanding and appreciation of the U.S. office real estate market. EXTERNAL RELATIONS 78 MUST