Manulife US REIT-Sustainability Report 2019

more active role, we organised a cook out session and split our staff into teams to prepare a hearty Thanksgiving lunch for the elderly in MWS. In 2019, more than S$10,000 was channelled from the Manager towards social procurement to show our support for the local social enterprises. This was an 11X increment from the S$900 spent in 2018. Cash Donation and Donation Drives In 2019, the Manager donated S$15,000 to a hospital and a welfare organisation. We hope the donation will contribute to the health and wellness programmes targeted to meet the physical and emotional needs of the ill or isolated elderly. Throughout the year, our employees also came together to donate cash, pre-loved shoes, clothes and books via donation drives organised by Soles4Soul Shoe, Movement for Intellectually Disabled of Singapore and Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations. We are also proud to support volunteerism among our staff – all employees are given two days of volunteer leave to participate in the causes they are passionate about outside MUST’s CSR programmes. During the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020, MUST donated more than 100 bottles of hand sanitisers to the elderly from MWS to keep the community safe and healthy. Local Community Beyond generating sustainable income, we are committed to creating positive impact on the local community with the spirit of purposeful prosperity. With the rapidly aging population in Singapore and in-line with the focus of our Sponsor, our CSR programme focuses on contributing to the local elderly community via three main approaches. Engaging the Isolated Elderly Since IPO, we have organised many CSR events to engage the elderly community. In 2019, to fulfil our goal of bringing joy to the elderly who are integral building blocks of society, we collaborated with QB House to organise a ‘Haircut and Tea-break with the Elderly’ at the Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) Senior Activity Centre. Our staff befriended the isolated elderly and spent an afternoon with them by playing games and other activities. At this event, the participants enjoyed several rounds of bingo games, before being treated to a sumptuous tea-break and a free haircut session. While bringing joy to the participants, we believe that volunteerism and friendship should not be a one-off event. Thus, we have decided to work with MWS on a longer-term basis to befriend this particular group of isolated elderly. Such initiatives assist not only the beneficiaries, but our employees as well, as they appreciate the opportunity of giving back to the society. Social Procurement Apart from community services, we have integrated the procurement of social enterprises across all possible business functions to encourage the underprivileged elderly to find a purpose in life and be financially independent. Some of these initiatives include the commissioning of artworks, production of corporate gifts, and engagement of dining and catering services for internal and external events. In 2019, for the 2 nd year running, we commissioned an underprivileged artist to design MUST’s red packets. The unique design of a Chinatown scene with children holding U.S. flags was created by a talented artist with hearing impairment from ‘Friends of the Disabled Society’ – Skills & Entrepreneurship programme. Under this programme, physically disabled artists are trained to develop their entrepreneur skills through the creation and sale of their products, allowing them to be self-sufficient and boosting their confidence at the same time. Names of the artist and social enterprise were featured on the back of MUST’s red packets to increase awareness and garner support from the community. The design was featured in The Straits Times in February 2019, and also received overwhelming interest from both our internal and external stakeholders. Through this initiative, we aim to provide opportunities for disabled individuals to showcase their talents so that they will not be marginalised in our society. In 2019, we engaged Project Dignity as a long-term social enterprise partner for the catering of both MUST’s internal and external events. To encourage employees to take on a EXTERNAL RELATIONS Celebrating Thanksgiving with MWS elderly Unique red packet design by Friends of the Disabled Society 80 MUST