Manulife US REIT-Sustainability Report 2019

Diversity and Equal Opportunity At MUST, we deeply value diversity within our workforce. We believe that a diverse workforce provides access to a talent pool with a wide range of different skills and talents essential forMUST to stay at the forefront of this competitive industry. The Manager has a zero-tolerance policy on any form of discrimination in the workplace. To ensure fair and equal treatment to all employees, equal employment opportunities are offered to individuals regardless of their age, gender or ethnicity. Employee remuneration packages are based solely on employee’s individual performance without biasedness and are assessed annually. Furthermore, in compliance to our diversity policies, the Manager reports its diversity data to its Board of Directors bi-annually and has clear policies stated in the employee handbook. As at 31 December 2019, the Manager had in total 16 full-time staff in a well-balanced mix by type, gender, and age. We are extremely proud that our continuous effort in ensuring diversity, even at the executive level has paid off, as we now have 66.7% of our senior executive positions held by women. Health and Wellness Health Talks and Fitness Classes In 2019, several programmes were initiated to ensure that our employees remain motivated and healthy. With mental health issues becoming increasingly important in today’s society, we organised mental health talks with topics such as depression and dementia to provide our employees with the necessary knowledge to cope with or support those afflicted with such health issues. We hope to dispel the current stigma of mental health by cultivating a corporate culture that is open and supportive of employees’ mental well-being. Fitness classes were also organised to ensure that the physical well-being of our employees are not neglected due to work commitments. These classes include ‘Release and Stretch’, which aim to help employees relax their muscles after a long day of work. Full-time employees are entitled to discounted insurance policies, and other products and services. Staff and their family members with personal issues are able to receive professional advice from external consultants through phones, emails or face-to-face sessions. In 2020, we target to organise regular health talks or fitness classes to ensure that the health and wellness of employees are well-managed. Comfortable and Productive Working Environment In addition, ergonomic furniture are incorporated in the office to create a comfortable and productive work environment. Height-adjustable desks are provided to encourage employees to alternate between standing and sitting, which will help to increase brain activity and promote blood circulation and prevent muscle, back and heart problems. Employees also benefit from an improved indoor air quality with air purifiers and indoor plants to remove harmful pollutants, stabilise humidity and reduce noise levels. Protecting our Employees during COVID-19 Outbreak The health and safety of our employees are a top priority at MUST. During the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, the Manager responded quickly to provide employees with masks, hand sanitisers and contactless infrared thermometers. Staff were split into two groups to alternate between working from home and the office every two weeks. Large-scale meetings were converted into conference calls and temperature screenings were conducted upon entry into Manulife Tower to ensure the safety of employees. Employee Diversity by Type (%) Female Male 61.5 70.6 81.3 38.5 29.4 18.7 Employee Diversity by Gender (%) Employee Diversity by Age (%) 2017 2018 2019 2017 2018 2019 Executive Non-executive 46.2 35.3 53.8 64.7 37.5 62.5 29 and below 30 to 49 50 and above 11.8 69.2 76.4 11.8 15.4 15.4 2017 2018 2019 25.0 62.5 12.5 HUMAN CAPITAL 82 MUST