Manulife US REIT-Sustainability Report 2019

Training and Development All staff are given equal opportunities for their professional and personal development, with a comprehensive series of programmes made available. Management Development Training To cope with the changing regulatory landscape, managerial development training was organised in 2019 to improve our leaders’ capabilities. In particular, one of our senior executive officers attended a Senior Leadership Development Programme by Ivey Business School with coaching sessions to gain deeper insights on strategy, leadership and culture in a dynamic work environment. Other members of the senior management also attended a Transformation Ready Leadership Workshop to reaffirmManulife’s core values and create an environment to help other employees apply these values. After attending these courses, our senior executive officers will drive further progress within MUST by passing on relevant knowledge to the rest of our employees. This mechanism is important as the core of our human resource policy focuses on the development and growth of all employees. Our senior management team is also dedicated in its participation for industry roundtables and conferences. For the 2 nd year running, our Head of IR provided training on the Investor and Media Relations module at the REIT Association of Singapore (REITAS) 2-Day Professional Development Series: REIT Management. Relevant and Useful Training for All Other Employees MUSTensures that all employees attendvarious relevant courses throughout the year to enhance their work performance. For instance, members of the SSC were encouraged to attend an online course conducted by SGX – Preparing a Sustainability Report. An employee also attended a GRI Standards Certified Training Course conducted by CSRWorks, and received a GRI Certified Training Program Certificate upon the completion of the course. Apart from focusing on sustainability training, other relevant courses on compliance, human resource and written communication were also provided to all employees in 2019. Funding CMFAS Module 10 Examinations for Employees To ensure that our employees remain highly skilled in the execution of their roles, we have also established a funded programme to support our employees in attaining the Capital Markets and Financial Advisory Services (CMFAS) Module 10 certification conducted by The Institute of Banking & Finance (IBF) Singapore. The module covers a comprehensive set of topics such as REIT Management, Financing in REITs, Legal Framework of S-REITs, Market Conduct and many others, allowing our employees to stay relevant and be well-equipped on REIT management knowledge. In 2019, two more of our employees obtained the IBF Module 10 certification with MUST’s full support. In 2019, 100.0% of our employees received training, and the average training hours per employee was 35.2 hours. In terms of training hours per employee category, executives clocked an average of 38.6 training hours while non-executives clocked an average of 33.2 training hours. The hours received by both executives and non-executives are balanced and showcases MUST’s commitment towards driving employee growth and development regardless of hierarchy. Monitoring Employee’s Performance A performance review is conducted semi-annually to monitor the progress of all employees and measure the effectiveness of MUST’s training programmes. In the 1 st phase of the performance review, employees are required to perform a self-assessment on their accomplishments and how these results were achieved. Following this phase, Senior managers will engage in a review with their employees to discuss their work performance, challenges faced and applicable training programmes that would aid in their professional growth. Talent Retention Employee Engagement In 2019, the Manager implemented many new initiatives in its journey to cultivate a motivated and engaged workforce. In particular, a group of employees was selected every quarter to be MUST’s AoC. The AoC is responsible for gathering feedback and ideas from the rest of the team on cohesion activities as well as changes they would like to see in the workplace. This brought along many new initiatives including BOTH, where employees were encouraged to share and discuss their feedback and concerns over a regular team breakfast. This has also proved to be an excellent platform for senior executive officers to share the REIT’s vision, goals, and updates. The latest BOTH was organised at Singapore Zoo, where employees enjoyed breakfast while dining with the orangutans. The AoC also implemented many new initiatives including more frequent ‘Work At Home’ and ‘Eat with Your Family’ days. Every quarter, employees are also given a half-day off to enjoy some ‘me-time’. These initiatives promoted interdepartmental communication and work-life balance, and were well received by all employees, as reflected by a significant increase in this year’s employee engagement survey score. Breakfast at the Zoo 2019 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 83