Manulife US REIT-Sustainability Report 2019

35.2 hours. For 2020, we have asked each staff to nominate their own preferred training courses in order to tailor such education to their career ambitions. By helping employees with their personal development, we are able to attract and retain the best talent helping MUST scale greater heights in terms of sustaining and improving Unitholder returns. One of the new staff initiatives in 2019was to appoint a small group of employees every quarter - known as Ambassadors of Change, to gather feedback from staff at all levels and to generate ideas for improving staff engagement. This included outings, ‘Breakfast on the House’ and other opportunities to exchange ideas in order to cultivate a positive work environment. We have given employees a wellness half-day off every quarter and encouraged more frequent ‘Work At Home’ and ‘Eat with Your Family’ days. These initiatives received an overwhelmingly positive response and we witnessed a significant improvement in our annual employee engagement score which was conducted by leading independent provider Gallup, Inc. Ethical Corporate Behaviour Ethical and responsible corporate practices remain of paramount importance to MUST and are essential to long- term growth in DPU and Net Asset Value (NAV). MUST has a robust corporate governance structure and we closely monitor any changes in relevant laws and regulations to ensure that our internal policies and practices remain compliant and of the very highest standard. This year, we published additional information on our IR Policy, Code of Business Conduct and Ethics as well as detailed Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) meeting minutes on our website. MUST was ranked 6 th out of 46 REITs and Business Trusts in GIFT 2019 for its high standard of corporate governance, with an improved score of 78.5 versus 75.5 in 2018. We also received accolades from SIAS 20 th Investors’ Choice Awards 2019 for both Corporate Governance and Sustainability. In 2019, there have been no incidents of non-compliance with any laws and regulations pertaining to the following economic, environmental and social areas: • Zero incidents of non-compliance concerning the health and safety impact of products and services • Zero incidents of non-compliance with regard to marketing communications • Zero incidents of non-compliance with laws and regulations in social and economic areas • Zero incidents of corruption For the 1 st time, MUST clinched a silver award at the 33 rd Annual Report Competition Awards in the Traditional Annual Report category for ‘Real Estate Investment Trust: Commercial/Industrial/Office’. This highlighted the successful communication and commitment to transparency across MUST’s entire operation. Above all, through all our sustainability practices, we aim to perpetuate the long-term success of MUST’s business and to benefit our Unitholders. We would like to express our deepest thanks to our Board and stakeholders for their strong support. Together, let us pursue sustainability in all its forms and lead the way to a sustainable future for MUST. Jill Smith Chief Executive Officer 2019 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 67