Manulife US REIT-Sustainability Report 2020

MUST was awarded full points for GHG, data monitoring & review, building certifications, leadership, policies, reporting and targets. As a result of this review, the following opportunities were identified to strengthen our sustainability focus in 2021: • Provide ESG related training for all employees in 2021 • Include disclosures on employee safety indicators (refer to page 85) GRESB Public Disclosure For the first time in 2020, MUST submitted an assessment under the GRESB Public Disclosure, and received a rating of ‘A’. With a stellar score of 96, MUST was ranked 1 st out of 10 Asia offices. MUST was awarded full points in its disclosure of sustainability governance, sustainability implementation and stakeholder engagement practices. MSCI ESG Ratings Since 2018, we have been rated by MSCI ESG with a 'BBB' rating. As at 22 December 2020, MUST’s MSCI ESG Rating was upgraded from ‘BBB’ to ‘A’ with improvement to our governance scores. Material Topics & Boundaries For 2020, the following topics and boundaries were covered under the scope of reporting. Material Topics Material Sub-topics Aspect Boundary (Where the Impact Occurs) Sustainable Properties Economic Performance GRI 201 – 1: Direct economic value generated and distributed MUST Energy GRI 302 – 1: Energy consumption within the organisation GRI 302 – 2: Energy intensity MUST, tenants Water GRI 303 – 1: Water withdrawal by source MUST, tenants Emissions GRI 305 – 1: Direct (Scope 1) GHG emissions GRI 305 – 2: Emission Indirect (Scope 2) GHG emissions GRI 305 – 4: GHG emission intensity MUST, tenants MUST, tenants MUST, tenants External Relations Local Communities GRI 413 – 1: Operations with local community engagement, impact assessments, and development programmes MUST Human Capital Employment GRI 401 – 1: New employment hires and employee turnover MUST Training and Education GRI 404 – 1: Average hours of training per year per employee GRI 404 – 2: Programmes for upgrading employee skills and transition assistance programmes GRI 404 – 3: Percentage of employees receiving regular performance and career development reviews MUST Diversity and Equal Opportunities GRI 405 – 1: Diversity of employees MUST Ethical Corporate Behaviour Anti-corruption GRI 205 – 3: Confirmed incidents of corruption and action taken MUST Enviromental Compliance GRI 307 – 1: Non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations MUST Customer Health and Safety GRI 416 – 2: Incidents of non-compliance concerning the health and safety impacts of products and services MUST Market and Labelling GRI 417 – 3: Incidents of non-compliance concerning marketing communications MUST Socioeconomic Compliance GRI 419 – 3: Incidents of non-compliance with laws and regulations in the social and economic area MUST 74 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2020 SUSTAINABILITY APPROACH