Manulife US REIT-Sustainability Report 2020

MUST places a strong emphasis on strategic communications. We engage in effective and meaningful engagement through initiatives that are tailored to each stakeholder group. Investment Community In 2020, we stepped up our efforts to engage different members of the investment community, including institutional and retail investors, analysts, media and financial bloggers. Our three main modes of engagement are: MUST follows the SGX-ST regulatory requirements and its IR Policy in its engagement initiatives. Regular engagement was conducted through the following initiatives: Reinforcing Proactive Engagement Using Digital Tools In the face of a pandemic, the frequency of communication becomes paramount. Besides holding virtual meetings and calls to engage the investment community, MUST reinforced its proactive engagement via various digital platforms. Our website now includes new sections dedicated to ‘Green Dot Series’ and ‘Sustainability’. The 'Green Dot Series' section on the website allows easy access to thought leadership articles and independentmarket reports onMUST’s cities. Apart fromMUST’s sustainability strategy, mission, and property certifications, the Sustainability section in our website provides more information on our four sustainability focus areas. Through this initiative, we hope to enhance the transparency of MUST’s operations and showcase our ongoing commitment towards sustainability. In our efforts to increase research coverage for MUST, we produced a spreadsheet of our past financial and operational data to aid analysts with their financial modelling. Together with our proactive engagement, we saw five new research houses initiating coverage on MUST in 2020. Additionally, a ‘Live from LA’ video was produced to provide investors insights on our property and Downtown Los Angeles during the pandemic. Separately, MUST has also enhanced its outreach to institutional investors, analysts and media via digitalised email communications. This included a survey to gather feedback on MUST’s engagement and how the investment community would like to be engaged in the upcoming year. Bi-annual e-newsletters post our financial results were also distributed to retail investors to engage them. Green Dot Series – a Thought Leadership Initiative In order to further our reach, MUST collaborated with journalists, bloggers, brokers and regulatory bodies to share insights about the real estate sector. For our annual retail Investor Day, we workedwith ProButterfly to organise a WFH webinar. The event was attended by over 560 retail investors, wherein approximately 50.0% are MUST’s Unitholders. In September, MUST participated in Seedly’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) series to reach out to the younger investment community. The AMA platform encouraged communication through question and answer with youths in the investment community. We also invited CBRE to share about the future of America and office post the U.S. election. The webinar drew over 60 attendees including institutional investors, analysts, media and internal stakeholders such as MUST's Directors and employees. Additionally, MUST participated in various interviews with the investment community, including Investor Relations Professionals Association (Singapore)’s panel discussion to share our index inclusion story and REITsWeek’s video interview on office demand during the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. Tenant Community MUST proactively engages the tenant community to maintain the relationship with our tenants and target potential tenants. The Property Manager oversees MUST’s tenant engagement programmes to ensure that they are aligned to the Sustainable BuildingStandards andrelevant toour tenants’ needs and interests. Regulatory reporting and other communication materials • Strengthening corporate disclosures to enhance transparency and accessibility of information Engagement events • Maintaining effective interaction and providing regular access to senior management Green Dot Series – a thought leadership initiative • Increasing awareness and understanding U.S. economy and office real estate sector Regulatory Non-Regulatory • AGMs/EGMs • Annual reports • Sustainability reports • SGX announcements • Circulars • Corporate website • Results briefings with audio webcasts • Roadshows/conferences/seminars • Conference calls • Media interviews • Retail investor days • Green Dot Series initiatives • Networking events • U.S. site visits • Investor presentations/press releases • Half-yearly factsheets • E-newsletters • Investor packs on tax forms • Website initiatives: – General hotline – Dedicated Green Dot Series and Sustainability pages – Dedicated IR contact – Property videos – Archived audio webcasts – Email alerts – AGM/EGMminutes – FAQs – IR policy – Financial and operational data spreadsheet 81 ANNUAL REPORT 2020 EXTERNAL RELATIONS