Manulife US REIT-Sustainability Report 2020

Ensuring a Safe Working Environment MUST’s nine properties remained open during the pandemic in 2020. We issued a tenant guidebook providing details on COVID-19 restrictions such as mask-wearing, social distancing requirements in common areas, and detailed initiatives such as the installation of upgraded air filters. Aligned with our commitment to better provide a safe working environment, we also provided relevant COVID-19 building guidance in our properties to ensure the smooth flow of visitors. Managing Personal Well-being during a Pandemic In response to the pandemic, MUST held two Healthy Buildings webinars with Dr. Joseph Allen, a leading expert in the healthy buildings industry to provide tenants with guidance on staying safe and healthy. We will continue to organise these informative sessions to help tenants understand the best practices and procedures for their workspaces during this COVID-19 outbreak. Raising Awareness on Electronic Waste In 2020, one of our properties conducted its Annual E-Waste Event. This event aims to encourage and train our tenants on how to dispose electronic waste (e-waste) and the importance of doing so. Manulife’s personnel and tenants participated in the event with an overwhelming response that resulted in five gaylord bins filled with e-waste. MUST recognises the impact of this event and plans to organise it at least once a year as part of our efforts to reduce environmental footprint. Cultivating a Healthy and Active Culture MUST firmly believes in providing an all-rounded environment for tenants. In 2020, we organised the annual FitTrip Rx Fitness Competition, where each participant weighs in and out 12 weeks apart on InBody machines. These machines provide a detailed breakdown of participants’ body composition, breaking down body fat and muscle mass percentages. Throughout the 12 weeks, participants exercised to gain muscle and reduce body fat with the guidance of fitness centre employees. Through this annual event, we hope to encourage healthy and active living amongst tenants. This competition has seen positive reception with more tenants joining the fitness centre every year. Due to the positive feedback, we intend to organise the competition in 2021 as well. Gearing Up in Emergency Preparedness In 2020, we partnered with Cardiac Solutions to conduct the annual Automated External Defibrillator (AED) & Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) online training for tenants. The training provided tenants and Manulife employees on information on the techniques of administering AED and CPR over a 2-hour virtual session. At the end of the training, participants were provided with a CPR certification that is valid for two years. Through the training session, participants not only acquired a life skill but gained confidence in potentially saving a life. MUST hopes that this can help tenants and employees feel safer at their workplace and will continue this course on a regular basis. Monitoring Tenant Satisfaction To better understand the needs and concerns of our tenants, we engage Kingsley Associates to conduct tenant satisfaction surveys every alternate year at all MUST’s properties. The survey gathers information on tenants’ overall satisfaction, perception of property, satisfaction with management, leasing and maintenance, renewal intentions and likelihood of property recommendations. In the latest survey conducted in 2020, 88.0% of the tenants who participated in the survey responded with a 4 or 5 Star rating on overall satisfaction. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we received a lower participation rate of 52.0% with our buildings operating at a much lower physical occupancy than in 2018. Our ability to market the survey was limited to email this year, whereas in past years, it would have been promoted via on-site collaterals, which likely affected our survey participation rate this year. Our tenant outreach programmes resulted in MUST leasing 5.9% of our portfolio by NLA in 2020 and maintaining a high occupancy of 93.4% as at 31 December 2020. Local Community Beyond profitability, we are committed to giving back to the local community. Our CSR programmes in 2020 focuses on engaging the elderly, supporting social enterprises and helping communities affected by the pandemic. Reaching Out to the Elderly Community and Migrant Workers To comply with social distancing measures, we took a different approach to our volunteerism this year and continued to show our love and support to isolated elderly via virtual engagements. In September, to encourage sustainable living, MUST organised an ‘I Can Plant, So Can You!’ virtual gardening event. Seniors from MWS and MUST’s employees participated in a workshop/ contest to nurture the tallest and healthiest vegetables over a period of 28 days and the top five participants with the healthiest greens received awards for their hard work. Not only was the event enjoyable, it was highly rewarding for the elderly and our staff to grow and care for their plants and reap what they sowed. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we also took care of our community partners, by donating reusable masks procured from a social enterprise, hand sanitisers and surgical masks to the elderly from MWS and patients in St. Luke's Hospital. Beyond serving the elderly and needy, our hearts went out to the migrant workers who were not allowed to leave their dormitories. We reached out to Migrant Workers’ Centre to offer some cheer by sending biscuits to migrant workers. In 2020, we recorded a CSR contribution of S$25,964 (+1.9% YoY) and 188.0 hours (+3.0% YoY). Encouraging our Employees to Make a Difference Apart from CSR activities organised by MUST, all employees are given two days of paid volunteer leave per year to support the organisation of their choice. This was utilised by staff in 2020. By doing so, we hope to ingrain the ‘living through giving’ mentality, not just at work but in their everyday life. 82 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2020 EXTERNAL RELATIONS