Manulife US REIT-Sustainability Report 2020

• Practiced fair recruitment and provided equal opportunities regardless of age, gender or ethnicity • Provided mandatory diversity and inclusion training • Reported diversity data to the Board of Directors bi-annually • Whistle-blowing and escalation procedures in place for anonymous grievances reporting • Provided thermometers, masks and fruit baskets • Subsidised health screening • Provided free external professional advice and counselling • Conducted workshops on mental and physical health • Encouraged regular movement with height adjustable desks Employees DIVERSITY AND EQUAL OPPORTUNITY HEALTH AND WELLNESS TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT TALENT RETENTION TARGETS Continue to hire employees with diversified age, gender and type Organise regular mental and physical health talks or fitness classes Provide annual subsidised health screening Maintain at least 30.0 hours average training per employee PERFORMANCE Zero accidents and injuries in the workplace 100.0% participation in annual employee engagement survey with improved scores 35.5 hours average training per employee (+0.9% YoY) OBJECTIVE Attract and retain talent by cultivating a positive work environment that focuses on diversity, equal opportunities, training, health and wellness INITIATIVES AND RATIONALE • All staff eligible for training with subsidies up to S$2,000 per employee • Opportunities for senior management to enhance leadership capabilities • Undertook half-yearly performance reviews and employee engagement surveys • Refreshed the AoC quarterly to gather feedback from the rest of the staff • Organised regular company cohesion activities such as BOTH STAKEHOLDER 83 ANNUAL REPORT 2020 H U M A N C A P I T A L