Manulife US REIT-Sustainability Report 2020

Grievance Mechanism MUST understands the importance of confidentiality and strives to provide our employees with methods of reporting grievances in good faith. A dedicated whistle-blowing channel stipulated by the Whistle-blowing Policy as well as appropriate escalation procedures are in place to ensure that concerns from employees are made known to the relevant parties in the management, and that appropriate actions can be carried out when needed. Employees are encouraged to speak to their immediate supervisor if they have any doubts or questions regarding business practices or potential conflicts of interest. Follow up actions such as investigations and penalties are to be enforced while protecting the identity of the whistle- blower. Employee Health and Wellness In MUST, we ensure that the physical and mental well- being of our employees are taken care of in the workplace. Initiatives includes: With an increasing focus on mental health issues, we held an in-house mental health talk in April, organised by the MinMed Group, to help our employees cope with or support those afflicted with such issues. We hope to play our part by cultivating a corporate culture that is open and supportive of employees’ mental well-being. In May, with most employees telecommuting, we organised a health talk on coping with work from home and its challenges. We felt that it was essential to equip our employees with the knowledge and ability to live and work effectively through the COVID-19 crisis. The safety of our employees is top priority at MUST. During the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, the Manager responded quickly to provide employees with masks, hand sanitisers and thermometers. Staff were split into two groups to alternate between working from home and the office every two weeks. Large-scale external meetings were conducted virtually and temperature screenings were conducted upon entry into Manulife Tower to ensure the safety of employees. As in previous years, full-time employees are entitled to discounted insurance policies along with other products and services. In addition, employees and their family members are able to receive professional counselling from external consultants through phones, emails or face-to-face sessions. In 2020, with no reported accidents and injuries, MUST recorded an accidental frequency rate of zero and injury rate of zero for employees of the Manager. Training and Development Employees are given equal opportunities for their professional and personal development through external or internal training. Developing Leadership Capabilities To improve our leaders’ capabilities, we provide managerial development training. Through the training programmes, we expect our senior executive officers to drive further progress within MUST, spreading relevant knowledge throughout the company. For instance, one of our C-Suites attended a 6-month mentoring programme as a mentee. The programme targets the development of core and leadership capabilities, and leverages participants’ strengths and hidden talents to drive career satisfaction while contributing to the organisation’s success. The same leader also attended an external two-day Signature Leadership course, launched specifically to develop women leaders around the world. High potential female leaders within Manulife were selected for this workshop to harness their strengths and personalities to profile themselves in the workplace. Providing Relevant Job Training to All Employees MUST ensures that all employees attend relevant training throughout the year. All staff, including part-time, contract and those on probation are allocated a training budget of S$2,000 per year to attend relevant courses of their choice. Apart from that, the Manager also organised various training programmes in 2020 on compliance, sustainability, human resource and more. Health Talks and Fitness Classes • Conducted regular health workshops and webinars for employees' mental and physical well-being Comfortable and Productive Working Environment • Incorporated ergonomic furniture – Height adjustable desks • Improved indoor air quality – Air purifiers – Indoor plants Protecting our Employees during COVID-19 Outbreak • Provided employees with thermometers, surgical and reusable masks • Sent fruit baskets to employees and their families • Conducted external large-scale meetings virtually 85 ANNUAL REPORT 2020