Manulife US REIT-Sustainability Report 2020

Corporate Policies & Procedures Policies & Procedures Objectives References Insider Trading Policy Provides guidance for the Directors, officers, and employees in the context of dealing in the Units of MUST Internal Policy Global Privacy Risk Management Policy Describes the framework within which MUST manages privacy risk when handling personal information Internal Policy Information Risk Management Policy Aids in identifying, assessing, treating, reporting and managing significant information risks in support of and in alignment with operational risk management Internal Policy Independent Nominating and Remuneration Committee Ensure the long-term effectiveness of the Board by making recommendations on the composition of the Board Internal Policy Conflict of Interest and Interested Person Transaction Process Compliance with CMS Licence requirements for Real Estate Investment Trust Management under the SFA of Singapore Internal Policy Disclosure of Interest Fit and Proper Declaration Global Business Continuity Policy Outlines the process in the event of any disaster Internal Policy Global Disaster Recovery Policy Enterprise Risk Management Policy Provides a structured approach to implementing risk-taking and risk management activities at an enterprise level Internal Policy Whistle-blowing Policy Encourage stakeholders and any other persons to raise concerns about possible improprieties in matters of financial reporting and other malpractices (including fraud, corruption, bribery or blackmail, criminal offences, failure to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation, miscarriage of justice, endangering the health and safety of an individual and concealment of any of the aforementioned) in confidence Available on MUST’s website (http://www. blowing-policy.html) Anti-Fraud Policy Describes a framework within whichMUST strives to: (1) prevent, identify, and detect fraud; and (2) ensure that adequate controls are in place to accomplish those objectives Internal Policy Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Policy Outlines the responsibilities, accountabilities, and processes to ensure that MUST effectively mitigates the risks associated with money laundering and terrorist financing activities Internal Policy Global Entertainment & Gift Policy Ensure that MUST, the Manager and its employees do not engage in shared business entertainment or gift practices that constitute (or appear to constitute) a corrupt business practice, including bribery Internal Policy Board Diversity Policy Sets out the approach to achieve diversity on the Manager's Board of Directors Available on MUST’s website (http://www. Board-Diversity-Policy.pdf) Code of Business Conduct and Ethics The code affirms MUST’s commitment to ethical conduct and its practice of complying with all applicable laws and avoiding potential or actual conflicts of interest The Manulife Code of Business Conduct and Ethics is available on http://www. html 89 ANNUAL REPORT 2020