Manulife US REIT-Sustainability Report 2020

mind, all staff who are unable to obtain a medical referral for COVID-19 testing will have their swab test subsidised by the Manager. Our Ambassadors of Change (AOC) programme, launched in 2019, gathers staff feedback and generates ideas for enhancing staff engagement and creating a more congenial work environment. In 2020, ideas implemented received a positive reception as reflected in the 100.0% participation and higher score in our employee engagement survey, as assessed by leading independent provider Gallup, Inc. Ethical Corporate Behaviour Ethical and responsible corporate practices remain of paramount importance to MUST and are essential to long- term growth in Distribution per Unit (DPU) and Net Asset Value (NAV). Our robust corporate governance structure allows us to monitor any changes in relevant laws and regulations to ensure that our internal policies and practices remain compliant and of the highest standard. Minutes of our AGM and any Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) are to be found on our website. In 2020, we also furthered our commitment to sustainability by incorporating links to sustainability performance in our incentive pay policies for all employees. MUST was ranked 4 th out of 45 REITs and Business Trusts in GIFT 2020, an improvement from a ranking of 6 th in 2019. The REIT also ranked 9 th out of 45 REITs and Business Trusts in SGTI 2020, an increase of 19.1 points and a jump of 24 positions higher. As a sign of the Board’s commitment to upholding high corporate governance standards, MUST retained its SGX Fast Track status for the third year running. In addition to receiving accolades in IR and corporate governance, MUST’s sustainability efforts are well-recognised by major ESG benchmarks with a 5 Star rating in GRESB Real Estate Assessment, ‘A’ in GRESB Public Disclosure and ‘A’ in MSCI ESG Ratings. In 2020, there were no incidents of non-compliance with any laws and regulations pertaining to the following economic, environmental and social areas: • Zero incidents of non-compliance concerning the health and safety impact of products and services • Zero incidents of non-compliance with regard to marketing communications • Zero incidents of non-compliance with laws and regulations in social and economic areas • Zero incidents of corruption Through upholding our corporate governance and fair practices, we aim to create long-term value for our Unitholders and other stakeholders, and maintain the trust that they have placed in us. We express our thanks to the Board and our stakeholders for their strong support for our ESG programme and sustainability initiatives though 2020. In 2021, we are committed to further strengthening our ESG capabilities and reaching our targets in order to ensure a sustainable future for MUST. Jill Smith Chief Executive Officer 68 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2020 MESSAGE TO STAKEHOLDERS