Sustainable Properties


To create value for tenants by reducing the environmental impact of our properties and generating sustainable value for our Unitholders
Tenant Community

Initiatives and Rationale

  • Participated in the GRESB Real Estate Assessment 2019
  • Implemented Sustainable Buildings Standards programme to build a consistent sustainability experience for tenants and visitors
  • Nominated green champions at all properties to coordinate sustainability efforts and report on the Sustainable Building Standards
  • Please refer to page 74 to 75 of Sustainability Report 2019 for full list of initiatives to reduce energy and water consumption and GHG consumption/emissions across all our properties

Performance in 2019

LEED™ Platinum:
LEED™ Gold:
Michelson, Exchange, Penn, Phipps
Figueroa, Michelson, Peachtree, Plaza, Exchange, Phipps, Capitol
3rd out of 12 listed U.S. office REITs
Score of 93
Environmental - 89
Social - 98
Governance - 9
Runner Up -
Sustainability Award
for REITs and Business Trusts
Energy Intensity
17.1 ekWh/sf (-2.0% YoY)
Water Intensity
55.5 L/sf (-2.4% YoY)
GHG Intensity
5.8 kgCO2e/sf (+2.4% YoY)

Targets for 2020

Improve or maintain GRESB score
Reduce or maintain energy, water and GHG intensity