Sustainable Properties


Create value for tenants and Unitholders by reducing the environmental impact of our properties
Tenant Community

Initiatives and Rationale1

  • Participated in the GRESB Real Estate Assessment 2020
  • Nominated green champions at all properties to coordinate sustainability efforts and report on the Sustainable Building Standards
  • Offered webinars and online materials at properties to educate tenants on sustainability topics
  • Organised Earth Hour events to raise awareness on sustainability

Performance in 2020

Energy Intensity
11.8 ekWh/sf (-23.2% YoY)
Water Intensity
31.7 L/sf (-36.6% YoY)
GHG Intensity
3.6kg CO2e/sf (-30.7% YoY)
LEED™ Platinum:
LEED™ Gold:
Michelson, Exchange, Penn, Phipps
Figueroa, Michelson, Peachtree, Plaza, Exchange, Penn, Phipps, Capitol
3rd 5 Star with score of 88
Ranked 4th out of 15 listed U.S. office REITs
Full points awarded for GHG, data monitoring and review, building certifications, leadership, policies, reporting and targets

Targets for 2021 and Beyond

Maintain 5 Star rating for GRESB Real Estate Assessment
Reduce or maintain energy, water and GHG intensity
MUST's properties are included in the Sponsor's GHG reduction target of 80% by 2050
Achieve green certification for 100.0% of portfolio by 2030
  1. Please refer to page 76 to 77 of the Sustainability Report for our full list of initiatives in reducing energy and water consumption as well as our GHG emissions across all our properties.
  2. MUST has updated some of its building areas of measurement. Building areas now reflect some parking areas directly below the buildings, where applicable, and calculated in accordance with best practices. As such, the resource intensity data presented will see a difference from the previous years.