Manulife US REIT-Sustainability Report 2019

External Relations In 2019, we increased touchpoints with our external stakeholders in order to create long-term value for the investment, tenant and local communities. Investment Community MUST has a well-established stakeholder outreach programme in place, tailored to address the varying needs of the investment community. Apart from regular meetings and conferences with investors, analysts and media, social events such as coffee tasting seminar and movie night were organised to encourage networking with our senior management. In 2019, we extended the outreach of our thought leadership programme to members of the investment community, to raise the collective understanding and appreciation of the U.S. economy and its office real estate market. For MUST’s 4 th Investor Day in March 2019, we invited renowned and distinguished panellists from the investment industry to share their views and insights on the equity market, foreign listings and U.S. tax. This event received an overwhelming response and was attended by close to 450 retail Unitholders. Of this number, 61.8% attended our Investor Day for the 1 st time. As part of our thought leadership initiative, and following a positive response from the investment community, we launched our Green Dot Series showcasing important features of U.S. office real estate to assert our thought leadership commitment and expanded our outreach to the retail investors. Initiatives under the Green Dot Series included a dedicated section in our quarterly results presentations highlighting relevant topics of interest such as an explanation of the difference between Trophy, Class A and lower class buildings in the U.S. Under the Green Dot Series, we also collaborated with financial bloggers to launch a series of U.S. real estate thought leadership articles. The success of our thought leadership programme has enabled us to reach many more investors of all types and given us greater geographical reach. This has attracted more investors translating into an increase in MUST’s Unit price and an overall total shareholder return of 42.1% for 2019. This year, we also achieved further investor relations accolades for excellence from IR Magazine Awards – Southeast Asia 2019 – ‘Best in Country: Singapore’ and ‘Best Investor Relations (IR) Officer (Small to Mid-cap)’ for Caroline Fong, Head of IR. Caroline Fong is also the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) and Chief Capital Market Strategist. Tenant Community As part of MUST’s sustainable growth, we are keen to maintain a strong rapport with our tenants. In 2019, we organised regular tenant appreciation as well as community and health awareness events. In addition to conducting tenant satisfaction surveys every alternate year at all properties, we rolled out tenant satisfaction checks on particular buildings to assess any additional needs, for example - extra amenities to keep up-to-date on the changing trends and concerns of our tenants. The continuous engagement with our tenant community has contributed to a high tenant retention rate of 76.0% and high occupancy of 95.8% as at 31 December 2019. Local Community In terms of support for the local community, we reaffirmed our commitment to help the disadvantaged such as the elderly. Beyond community service activities, we integrated the procurement of goods and services from various local social enterprise groups across all possible business functions, including corporate gifts and corporate catering. Through our continuous efforts in 2019, we have channelled more than S$10,000 to the support of social enterprises. It has been a delight to witness how much pleasure a simple corporate gift such as a set of handcrafted coasters, from a social enterprise, has given to all recipients. This personifies management’s philosophy of purposeful prosperity. Additionally, we have participated in several donation drives throughout the year to encourage the spirit of giving whilst promoting a culture of recycling of various items by staff. This year, we recorded a total of 182.5 volunteer hours and increased our CSR contribution to S$25,478. We have continued to build a strong community partnership with St. Luke’s Hospital, Methodist Welfare Services, Project Dignity and TeddyThotz through repeated engagement, with the objective of supporting and bringing joy to the elderly. These initiatives are aligned with Singapore’s Ministry of Health’s agenda of supporting the aging population. Human Capital MUST’s stellar financial and ESG performance in 2019 would not have been possible without the commitment of its energetic and talented workforce. In 2019, apart from subsidising staff health screening, we organised fitness classes and several seminars focusing on mental and physical health. In 2020, we will schedule regular health talks and fitness classes to look after the physical and mental well- being of our employees. During the COVID-19 alert, the health of our staff is a priority and we are providing support in a range of different ways over and above our Business Continuity Plan. Throughout the year, we identified needs and goals of each employee and encouraged them to attend suitable courses. Each employee is allocated a minimum of S$2,000 per year to attend relevant training programmes. In 2019, the training hours per employee increased 5.7% from 2018 to 1 Source: CoStar report dated 2 January 2020. MESSAGE TO STAKEHOLDERS 66 MUST