Ensuring the needs of our stakeholders are well-served is key to sustaining our business. This includes creating a safe and healthy environment, and safeguarding the well-being and interests of our employees, tenants and communities


Performance in 2021


Nurturing our Talent

  • Hired employees with diversified age, gender and type
  • Conducted ESG related training for staff and independent directors.
  • Employee engagement score +2% YoY with an improvement in mean percentile rank to 89% against Gallup’s overall benchmark
  • 50 average training hours per employee +40% YoY

Safeguarding Health and Well-being

  • Zero accidents and injuries in the workplace
  • 88.0% tenants who participated in tenant satisfaction survey respnded with a 4 or 5 star rating on overall satisfaction
  • Increased Fitwel® and Fitwel® VRM certification for portfolio

Serving our Community

  • Contributed S$25,976
  • Clocked 189 CSR hours

Targets in 2022


Nurturing our Talent

  • Continue to hire employees with diversified age, gender and type
  • Minimum 40 hours of training per employee annually

Safeguarding Health and Well-being

  • Maintain an accident and injury-free work enviornment
  • Continue to pursue health and wellness related building certification for our portfolio

Serving our Communities

  • Commit at least S$20,000 to CSR activities
  • Increase CSR hours by 20%